Vancouver’s Social News Scene: Joy’s Journal Talks About Boo La La

Joy’s Journal – Tuesday, September 21st, 2010

NEW Rebranded Creative Sample

The ultimate goal and vision of this event was to create awareness and to generate interest among residents and tourists…

And that’s exactly what the managing director and owner of what was once Carol’s Costume Corner, Laurie Sluchinski, wants to do as well. After 25 years she has just totally rebranded the operation! It’s still located in North Vancouver and the new name is Boo La La!

She and her staff expect this rebranding to change the Canadian costume industry forever.

Boo La La now has a website and online shopping is available and they are also launching a new limited time “pop-up” shop next month in the Sinclair Centre. Talk about your perfect timing with Halloween just around the corner…

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