Chad and Aurora.

By Dani Barnes, Dani Barnes Productions, September 1, 2010

Photo Credit: Dani Barnes Productions 2010

“What a nice afternoon for royal company. While walking along the sea side I turned my head slightly and noticed an odd yet fascinating sight. A couple, not madly in love but not happily in hate either, stood by the sea. A tainted geisha and a dirty pirate, heavily influenced by the fashions of the royal court, stood silently. Obviously enjoying the attention.”

Sunday morning, after a long eventful evening of debauchery at the Queer bash, my slightly altered mind, Lloyd’s precise photographers skill, Aurora and Chads carefree bad-ass attitudes and above all else Jenny Ruths creative make-up and hair visionary styling created these pieces.

This shoot started simply with an inspiration found by my good friend and make up GENIUS Jenny Ruth! I brag about her so often, I actually think I have more of her cards in my wallet then my own. And I wont stop!

The two wonderful models, Aurora Chan and Chad Macrae were polite and super comfortable in front of the camera~ Thanks for owning the crazy creatures we turned you into.

Lloyd Barnes (Must be good, see last name) was the most particular photographer I have ever worked with- don’t you know why? EVERY shot was perfect!

The wonderful costume store soon to be called “Boo La La” Located on second and Lonsdale in North Vancouver kindly allowed me to pull some of the wardrobe from them!! Great original vintage gowns and suits, elaborate detailing and unique one of a kind fits. I happen to work at this Stylists Heaven, come and visit us for all your costume needs! Facebook Boo La La!!

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