Boo La La’s Top 10 New Years Eve Party Trends

Are you looking for a New Years Eve party theme but don’t have the time to plan a huge extravagant party over the holidays? Here are Boo La La’s top 10 picks for simple yet fun New Years Eve theme parties.

1. Mayan/Tribal
The most popular theme this year is the Mayan/tribal theme to welcome 2012. This theme incorporates lots of tribal art, face paint, headdresses, spears, skulls, the Aztec Calendar and anything else tribal.

The world may not be coming to an end – but at least you can party like it is!

2. The Who Party
This theme gives your guests the freedom to dress up as whomever they please. They can dress up as a fictional character, celebrity, TV personality, or even another person in that room. Spice up the theme by offering a bottle of champagne to the first person to guess five people’s costumes and keep track of guessing by handing out party favours for each correct guess.

3. Las Vegas
Vivaaaaa Las Vegas! Now the Vegas theme is an absolute classic. You can turn your party into a casino with cards tables, a blackjack dealer, lights, dice and poker chips for drink tickets. This theme also gives your guests the ability to dress up in anything from showgirl and ringmaster to ball gown and black tie. Give all those Elvis lovers a chance to dress up like The King!

4. Around the World
The Around the World theme lets guests dress up like any culture from any part of the world. People can have fun with this and dress up in some sort of historical attire or a modern day outfit. There are endless possibilities with this theme and so many unique and creative costumes to choose from. Can’t decide on an outfit? Just pull out a map, close your eyes and point to a location – it’s that simple!

5. Masquerade
The Masquerade theme can be very intricate and detailed or as simple as each guest only wearing a mask. Depending on how much time you give your guests to prepare, women can dress up in fabulous ball gowns and men in tuxedos. Masks can also be dazzled with jewels and feathers or simple with accented colours and a few sparkles.

The venue should be decorated with feathers, jewels and crystal portraying the atmosphere of an old style luxurious ballroom event.

6. Old Hollywood Glam
Pin curls, silk, pearls, gowns, tuxedos, top hats, red lipstick, gloves, fur shawls, diamonds and Marilyn Monroe! Women don’t often get the chance to wear deep red lipstick, dramatic eye makeup, have over-the-top curls, wear a gorgeous gown while adorned in diamonds and pearls – so this theme is always a hit!

Set the mood with a little Holly Golightly while Breakfast at Tiffany’s plays in the background on the TV. Offer cigarette holders and serve classic martinis and champagne throughout the night. You can also play Frank Sinatra and other classics over the stereo for the evening to keep the party going!

7. Funny Hats
Hats are a very simple and easy way to add some fun and lots of laughs to your New Years Eve party. This theme involves almost no pre-planning on your guests’ behalf. Couples can come in matching hats and others may want to switch hats throughout the evening to spice things up.

Here are some of our suggestions for our most popular hats offered:

Top hats, fedoras, berets, burlesque, Tweedle Dee, Mad Hatter, Polar Bear, Flamingo, pirate, Viking, Royal King and Smurf.

8. Black & White
When we think of black and white, we think balloons, streamers and sparkles. This theme is very easy to execute, as it can be something casual to a black-tie affair. Women tend to have that little black dress that can be glammed up with a sparkly headband or white satin shoes. Men can wear a casual business suit that can be jazzed up with a satin top hat.

Adding a splash of colour to accent your black and white décor can help to bring the theme to life and really make the black and white stand out.

9. Fantasy
This is a great theme for kids and adults alike. The Fantasy theme incorporates anything from astronauts, pilots and celebrities to fictional characters from you favorite Disney movie. You can make it a themed fantasy party or let guests dress up in whatever appeals most to them.

Popular outfits are Woody from Toy Story, Queen of Hearts, Alice in Wonderland, Barbie, Wonder Woman, Batman, Lady Gaga, football player, pirate, police officer or Spartan.

10. Tropical Paradise
The Tropical Paradise theme is always a classic. It is easy for people to find stuff to dress up in around the house and it’s nice taking a one-day holiday to somewhere exotic. This theme can be as simple as “lei-ing” people as they come in and making sure there is a colourful umbrella in all those fruity cocktails.

You can guarantee some of your guests will show up in coconut bikini tops and grass skirts, just make sure you crank the heat up a bit for a real ‘tropical’ experience.


Happy Holidays from Boo La La!


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