Boo La La’s Top-10 Halloween Costume Trends for 2010

It’s that time again! The time to dream big, and turn ourselves into
anything we want! Halloween is fast approaching and here at Boo La La we couldn’t be more excited!

We’re having a blast getting our Halloween party on, and we thought we’d pass on a few expert tips! Everything from party planning ideas, make-up tutorials and how-to’s, all the way to today’s post; “Top Ten Halloween Costume Trends for 2010”.

What we love about Halloween trends is the amazing diversity of costume ideas inspired by genres all over the world. From entertainment, celebrities, historical moments, and cult classics , this year is no different in its exciting and inspiring trend line-up.

So here’s this year’s ‘Top 10 List from Boo La La’:

1. Alice in Wonderland

The movie brought back our love for this childhood classic, but with a more grown up feel. Both Alice and the Mad Hatter provide wicked inspiration for costumes this season. For women, take your usual Alice costume, but give it a twist by going a size or two bigger to create Alice’s wrap dress (or you could just grab some fabric and wrap it haphazardly around your body and tie it with a piece of string) Also ensure your makeup and hair are on the messier side! Bring on the disheveled and colourful and you’ll rock this look! Men – find yourselves an awesome top hat, some suspenders, and a wacky shirt and you’re set. If you want to take it further we suggest a pair of Mad Hatter-esque contact lenses (these are awesome!), and Mad-manly makeup!

2. Avatar

Unless you’re going as Jake Sully in human form then the Navi costume will leave little to the imagination. Girls, grab a bikini. Men, even easier, just grab a piece of fabric to make a loincloth. Add incorporate bead necklaces, leather strands, and braids in to your hair and create a tail out of the beads and/or leather too if you wish. You’ll also need to pick up some full blue body paint and a bit of glitter. Green contacts are also an awesome addition to this look. This costume takes a bit more effort but is stunning when done right. You want the look but need convenience? Drop by the store and we’ll help!

3. Greek Goddess

This classic Halloween costume is coming back this year in a big way. It’s a Greek goddess revival and we welcome it to the party. This is a perfect chance to use your gladiator sandals from the summer. And men, why don’t you show off those pecks with a chest baring outfit (we’re thinking Gerard Butler in 300).

4. Lady Gaga

Need we say more? Anything and everything this gal wears makes us giddy with excitement. Check it out

5. 1980’s Retro/Material girl/Barbie

Oh Madonna how we love you.1980’s material girl costumes are super hot this year. It’s a blast to dress up in this look and it’s a hit every time. Arm length or fingerless-lace gloves, and some hair spray will complete any look.

6. Modern Day Vampire

Twilight, True Blood, and Vampire Diaries – lets admit it, we’re OBSESSED with anything and everything to do with Vampires. Try a more subtle Edward Cullen look with some taupe contact lenses and pale makeup or go all out in a modern day vampire like a True Blood character, complete with fangs and ever-lasting kiss makeup! We love it all.

7. Pirate/ Buccaneer

Ahoy Matey! A sexier version of this popular costume is a bit hit for this season. We are drawing inspiration from Priates of the Caribean (4, 5, 10? We’ve lost track..) Lots of pirate accessories and vintage/ worn looking clothes are the key to this look.

8. Robin Hood/ Medieval

We haven’t seen this one around for a while but it seems with Russel Crowe’s remake of a classic favorite people are feeling nostalgic about this blast from the past costume (even though the movie apparently wasn’t. Girls, feel free to play the damsel in distress with this Maid Marion costume. Going in a group? Let’s throw some knights into the mix and you have yourself one rockin group costume!

9. Inspired by India

This one is purely for the ladies. For those of you who fell as hard for Elizabeth Gilberts book as hard as we did, you were ecstatic when Julia Roberts brought our female heroin to life on the big screen. The costumes for the movie, set in countries such as India, showed us rich colours, textures with delicate beading. We are definitely going to be drawing on this movies vast array of costumes for inspiration this year!

10. Jersey Shore

Calling all Jersey Shore fans time to get your tan on! If you watch the show you probably already know exactly the type of costume you’d wear, and even if you don’t watch the show you’ll still know. These kids are everywhere, getting up to all sorts of confounding antics that make us want to peel our eyes away from the T.V. yet keep on watching at the same time. This is an easy last minute costume both guys and girls can pull from things they already have in their wardrobe. Don’t have a tan? Just grab some body makeup for an even funnier look. Girls, its simple, short and tight. Guys, v-necks, that old chain from high school, maybe a fake tattoo or ear piercing and you will officially be a Jersey Shore cast member!

That’s all for now ladies and gents! Check back for more updates and tips to make this year your best Halloween ever!

-Boo La La

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  1. Beautiful photos! I love the post so much! ;)

  2. fasting diet says:

    Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. Thanks Boo La La!

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